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Lucy Davis ditches the size zero look to flaunt her new curves

It looks as if Lucy Davis has got her curves back after dropping several dress sizes under the glare of critical Tinseltown eyes.

The actress, who played dumpy Dawn in the television show The Office, appears to have turned her back on the LA look she perfected after moving to Hollywood in 2005.

Gone are the blonde locks and skeletal frame that caused such concern when she set up home in America.

Brunette Lucy, 34, stepped out at the 16th annual Bafta/LA Cunard Britannia Awards wearing a tight fitting dress that showed off her new fuller figure.

She was certainly in good company - fellow British actresses Helen Mirren and Kate Winslet also added a touch of voluptuous glamour to the affair.

Lucy, the daughter of comedian Jasper Carrott, sparked a debate about the pressures of Hollywood after losing three stone soon after the move.

There was concern that the weight-obsessed film industry was unduly influencing her - especially when she appeared at the 2005 Bafta Awards looking a shadow of her former self.

At the time the actress admitted her weight had dropped to less than seven-and-a-half stone, but insisted: "I like being slimmer. I feel much more in control of myself.

"I've had my career as an incentive for years and one day it just clicked and happened."

However, the actress seemed happy to show off her new look and appeared to be content with her life with husband Owain Yeoman.

She married the Welsh actor, who starred in the movie Troy alongside Brad Pitt, in 2006.


Lucy won't strip for David
The Office star Lucy Davis has told how she refused to bare all in David Duchovny's new TV show Californication.

The actress plays one of the many women in the world of David's sex addict character Hank, but says she immediately insisted that she wouldn't strip off for the part.

Lucy told Grazia: "I saw the pilot and loved it, but I said, 'Here's an issue - I ain't taking my clothes off!'"

Luckily, the blonde managed to convince the show's bosses that her character could keep her clothes on.

"Hank comes on to my character and she knocks him back. I'm the girl who gets to turn him down, which is nice!" she says.

Lucy - who is married to Welsh actor Owain Yeoman - also told how she refuses to slim down to a Hollywood size zero now she's headed across the pond.

"I can't live my life depending on whether people think I'm too thin or too fat. I can't please everybody. So I have to be something that pleases me," she said.

Lucy Davis - one of the stars of hit comedy show The Office - is to appear naked in an advertising campaign to stop the Ministry of Defence using bear skin.

The MoD currently use real bearskin for The Queen's Guards' caps.

Davis appears nude except for a teddy bear in a PETA campaign to get them to switch to faux bear fur.

The slogan on the advert reads "Bare skin, not Bear Skin".

Davis, who played The Office character Dawn Tinsley, said: "So much money is spent, and so much cruelty is spent, on what at the end of the day is a hat and that is it.

"Not only was I horrified to find that it was one bear to make one hat, but also it's not really just one bear in a way it can be one whole family. That whole family dies, and again, it's just for a hat."

The actress - the daughter of Jasper Carrott - is the latest in a long line of celebrities who have condemned the slaughter of black bears for ceremonial headpieces.

Other stars who have spoken out include Pamela Anderson, Sadie Frost, Mary McCartney, Twiggy, Julian Clary, Sir Roger Moore, Jilly Cooper and Amanda Holden.

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